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Zoology, 6-8: Zoology, 9-12 (26.0710)

When is this class offered?


Course Description

High School

This course gives an introduction to zoology, with particular emphasis on developing an understanding on the significance of biodiversity and ecological relationships; to examine the physiological and morphological (structural) characteristics of animals allowing them to survive in their environments; and to identify species of each phyla.  Basically, this course is an overview of what our biosphere on Earth supports.  There will be emphasis placed on both invertebrates and vertebrates. Remember, it’s all about animal diversity!


Course topics cover a wide range of information intended for students who have solid reading skills, enjoy research, and have a sense of adventure. Successful completion of general Biology is a prerequisite.  Delivery of information will be varied including classroom lectures, labs activities with living organisms as well as dissection of preserved specimens, field trips and media platforms.  Though the course will use a textbook, additional reading assignments will be given.  In addition, periodically students will present research projects to their peers.  High school students will also participate in a book study…Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives, by Thomas French. 
Middle School

Zoology encompasses many areas of life sciences. Topics revolve around basic concepts of general zoology including the variety of animal life, both invertebrates and vertebrates; how animals are grouped according to classification rules in science; how structure and function impacts where animals live successfully; and basic concepts of animal behavior and ecology.  This course will have a textbook that will be announced soon.  Students will meet for class time weekly for 1 hour and participate in a lab day once a month for two hours.  Through the year, we will engage in different activities to learn about the weekly topics including discussion time, project presentations, hands-on activities, videos, field trips or with guest speakers.  Let’s find out together how important biodiversity really is!


High School

Zoology by S. Miller and J. Harley, 8th edition.     ISBN: 978-0073028200

The Zoology Coloring Book, by L. Elson.    ISBN:  978-0064603010


Middle School 

To be determined 


Trish Foster

Contact Information

$65 per month for ten months (August - May) 



Lab Fee*

$125 due at registration to hold student's spot in the class



* In addition to course costs, AN ADMINISTRATIVE FEE is due FOR EACH STUDENT on the first day of EACH SEMESTER.  See COSTS PAGE for further information.

 Vantage Point Education does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.