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Guidelines and Informatiion

1)  The cost for each class is determined by the teacher who is an independent contractor with Vantage Point Education.  Each teacher sets the price for instruction and supplies.  Please check each class description for price and payment options.

2)  Each student must pay an Administrative Fee of $125 per semester/$250 per year.  

This fee covers the following:

  • Accredited Classes
  • Facility Fee
  • Room Use Fee
  • Internet Access for Teachers AND Students
  • On-site Administrative Oversight
  • Classroom and Field Trip Coordination
  • Attendance Accountability (in conjunction with Homeschool Compliance – additional $12/year)
  • Insurance

3)  We encourage our families to register early to assist teachers in preparing their lessons and purchasing class supplies.  Registrations received after the first day of classes will be assessed a non-refundable fee of $50/class. 

4)  Each family understands that they are contracting with a teacher for a semester.  Students may withdraw from any class with no penalty until week 6 in each semester.  After that time, the teacher MUST be paid for the remainder of the semester or the student will be prohibited from attending any other classes at Vantage Point Education.

5)  Tuition is due on the first class day of each month. Each teacher reserves the right to charge a late fee penalty for payments received after the first class meeting each month.  Student grades will be held until ALL late payments and penalties are paid in full.


Each family is also strongly encouraged to direct a portion of their Georgia Income Tax to Vantage Point Education through the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GaSSO) to help reduce costs for our program.  Submit your request to make a 2018 donation beginning August 1, 2017 at



 Vantage Point Education does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.