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Natural Resources Management/Ecology for High School (03.4110)

Course Description - HIGH SCHOOL

Centered on ecosystem planning and management in soil, water, land, fish and wildlife areas, students are introduced to conservation management, maintenance of natural resources and good stewardship of Earth’s natural resources.  This educational opportunity provides hands-on, science-based experiences that are further tested in a variety of competitive outdoor experiences in cooperation with the Georgia 4H Foundation during the fall semester and the Georgia Envirothon during the spring semester.  Students connect with natural resource professionals as well as collaboratively develop their knowledge base through teamwork activities during the school year.  In addition, teams practice their environmental problem-solving skills in the variety of the topics in preparation for the various competitions.


$50 - Prepared Materials by Instructor

Additional Information
This environmental curriculum will be taught through in-class lectures as well as indoor and outdoor labs.  Students will mentor the Middle School competition team also.  Outdoor activities usually take place at a variety of locations outside of the school, most within a reasonable driving distance but a few will include overnight trips with the team and advisor. Field trips will be coordinated on available days among students’ schedules once their school course loads have been set.  At some point during the late summer, students who have committed to the course will be invited to take an overnight trip with the instructor for team-building purposes and initial introduction to course material.  All students who participate in this class are expected to compete in Georgia 4H and the Georgia Envirothon Regional competitions as well as the State-level competitions, if they qualify.  More details on the competitions will be provided once the various organizations post dates, closer to the time school starts.  This course serves as a great option for the 4th elective science course in high school and is also accepted as a CTAE offering according to for Georgia’s University System High School Curriculum requirements.   Contact the instructor directly to discuss science credit opportunities towards high school graduation requirements for returning NRM students.



Trish Foster

Contact Information


$60 per month for 10 months (August - May)

Sibling discount available - contact instructor for further details 


Materials/Lab Fee*

$100 for the school year (of which $30, non-refundable, is paid upon registration; $30 due September 1; $40 due January 1)
Field trips are priced by event but most are minimal or no cost.

Competition Fees*

$50 per student towards team registration for Georgia ENVIROTHON competition due by November 1; Georgia 4H events TBD but usually $15 per event

* In addition to course costs, AN ADMINISTRATIVE FEE is due FOR EACH STUDENT on the first day of EACH SEMESTER.  See COSTS PAGE for further information.


 Vantage Point Education does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.